New Building Supervision of Superyachts


Commissioning a superyacht new build is a complex process, which requires professional advice and constant supervision throughout. During the building process there is often a high potential to influence the yacht quality and lifecycle cost. CD Marine’s project management team of experienced professionals ensures that the yacht is built in accordance with the contract specification and rules.

CD Marine can assist owners with new build and construction projects from first draft through to delivery, assisting with shipyard, contractor and vendor selection and management.

We adhere to the contractual specifications and the owner’s requirements, and detect any faults or complications at an early stage to avoid extra costs and delays:

  • Project management and coordination
  • Review and modification of building specifications
  • Tracking build process and conformity
  • Sea trials and final acceptance
  • Advising on Flag selection, coordinating Flag class and Flag surveyors for final certification
  • Post-delivery assistance for guarantee claims

A captain’s time is too often taken up with administrative tasks that distract from the day-to-day operation of a commercial or large vessel. Our technical management and operational support packages allow you to focus on running your craft.

Available 24/7, we closely monitor the routine maintenance and emergency supervision of the vessel and its tenders, with a full range of tailored services including:

  • Technical support for deck and engine maintenance
  • On-going management of a worldwide selection and vendors, contractors and shipyards for refit, maintenance and repairs
  • Full management of insurance claims

Surveys, Inspections and Audits

Safety and security are of the utmost importance in the day-to-day operation, ownership and management of any commercial vessel or yacht. An independent overview of practice in place either on board or in the office environment can be a great benefit to ship’s owners, managers, underwriters and masters.

As such, our marine surveyors undertake all aspects of general marine surveying worldwide. CD Marine provides feedback to the master and managers, and the overwhelming feedback has been very positive.

Survey, inspection and audit services include:

  • Pre-purchase surveys
  • Condition surveys
  • Pre-charter surveys
  • ISM Audits
  • ISPS Audits
  • MLC audits
  • Navigation Audits and training on board
  • MARPOL Audits and training on board
  • Accident Investigation

Survey audits can be performed according to client specification and if required use the client’s proforma survey report forms.

Maritime Labour Convention, 2006

Manuals and Training

With the recent introduction of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, commercial vessels and yachts of any tonnage must be able to demonstrate MLC compliance. Vessels over 500 GRT must be MLC certified and compliance is regularly monitored by managers through audits.

CD Marine has an experienced in-house MLC Inspector to assist clients with compliance, including:

  • Crew training to MLC requirements
  • Preparation of DMLC Part II
  • Verification and preparation of Seafarer’s Employment Agreements in accordance with MLC requirements and each Flag’s national rules
  • On-board audits to verify compliance with MLC requirements


Marine Registration and Flag Administration


It can often be difficult to know under which jurisdiction to register a vessel.

We offer recommendations for Flag State registration, considering all aspects of the marine vessel’s intended operation.

Our registration services include:

  • A local representative on hand
  • Assistance with all registration forms and paperwork
  • Liaison with administration throughout vessel registration process, including submission and collection of all registration documents
  • Assistance with obtaining radio license
  • Assistance with annual maintenance fees
  • Help with removal of vessels from the Flag register



Ballast Water Management Plan (BWM)












The BWM Convention will enter into force on 8th September 2017 (one year after its ratification), with ships and yachts constructed after 8th September 2017 required to have a treatment system installed at delivery.

CD Marine has developed a Ballast Water Management Plan specific for yachts, which covers the IMO requirements of ballast water exchange (D-1) and can carry out a training and implementation on board.

Planned Maintenance System


When it comes to yacht maintenance, prevention is better than cure. CD Marine has developed an efficient and simple Planned Maintenance System for megayachts that offers preventative maintenance scheduling for yachts operating in and outside of the ISM code. The system manages the regular servicing of equipment for better performance, and helps to reduce costs and unscheduled downtime.

CD Marine’s PMS is available in electronic format using Microsoft Word or Excel documents. The Planned Maintenance System offers a clear and simple-to-use scheduled maintenance platform for captains and crew. It identifies the critical equipment on board, and provides detailed instructions and explanations on service procedures, taking into account manufacturer recommendations. It also files technical reports from service companies to streamline the process. This is the only PMS for which on-board installation and crew training are included in the cost.. 


Polar Code


The IMO Polar code entered into force on 1st January 2017 and applies to commercial ships over 500 GRT and all passenger ships that intend to operate in areas defined by the code as follows:

ARCTIC: In general, north of 60 but limited by a line from Greenland; south of 58N – north of Iceland, southern shore of Jan Mayer – Bjornoya – Cap Kanin Nos.

ANTARCTIC: South of 60.  

The aim is to provide for safe ship operation and protection of the polar environment by addressing vessels present in polar waters and not adequately mitigated by other instruments. CD Marine can assist owners and managers for compliance and training in order to achieve following Polar code requirements:

  • Design and construction
  • Equipment
  • Operation, certification and manuals
  • Environment requirements
  • Risk assessment process




Yacht registration


CD Marine offers a complete service for yachts registration, including recommendation on which jurisdiction is most suitable for registering a particular yacht; considering residence of the owner, in which country the yacht will be used, if the yacht will be “Private" or “Commercial” and many other significant deciding factors.

Using our specialized affiliates in most important jurisdictions we are able to provide comprehensive services.